The History Of Myspace

The history of is a little techie to some or even business like to others. Sometimes we imagine that the creator of the website is some geek who spends too much time in their garage or in their room with the computer. When they launched the site, they though that it will be a fun site for friends but it slowly became bigger and bigger until it was uncontrollable and the earnings of the website through ads is exponential.

If that was the story, that should have summed it all and we dont have to continue to telling it to you. However, the story is so different; some people may think its boring. But if you look deeper, youll see something very strategic that youll be impressed on how they can think of things in the future. The only similarity of the fictional and the real story maybe the people that have developed this has spent so much time in front of their PC. is not owned by a single person or a group of very techie friends. Rather the website is originally owned by eUniverse, now known as Intermix.